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Sunday, October 16, 2005


It has been a good week. I had a wonderful birthday. For a change, I was content. I was happy to be surrounded by my family and we had a good day together. When I got up, I opened the package from my sister (I had been waiting a week to open!) and found Dee Henderson's book, God's Gifts and a cook book I wanted inside. I read the book that day and finished it the next as we traveled. As I was getting ready, my hubby left a rose scented candle on the bed where I'd find it. He was sneaky with his gifts this year. Then as we were leaving, he snuck a card in my purse. It was a sweet card that said all the right things. We all left, my in-laws too, to go up and see "Big Nanny," my hubby's grandma. Big as in great nanny for our kids benefit. We had a good visit with her. She is in a nursing home and cannot talk or move her right side due to a stroke about 3 or 4 years ago. It is still a joy to visit her as she smiles at us and laughs at the kids. Then we went to Little Rock and the hubby took me to the $1 theatre and we watched "The Fantastic Four" while the in-laws took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese. When we got back in the van from the movie, the hubby asked me to get a sucker out of my purse for him. When I opened it up I found a nice jewelry bag with a gold locket in it. The front of the locket has a rose etched on it and the words, "I love you." It is beautiful. Then we went back to the in-laws house and after the kids were in bed, we played Bible Balderdash until 2 A.M. The next day when we got home there were books my hubby had ordered for my teen girls Bible class and he surprised me by throwing in "For the Love of a Child" by Wilburta Arrowood I read all of it the next day during a doctors visit and some at work (it has been slow at the library for the two hours I work). It was a great book and I'm looking forward to the sequal due out next year. The author has been very kind in answering my e-mails and has even agreed to help me polish off a novel to see if it could be published by her publisher.
It was a great birthday and my cup overfloweth!

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