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Saturday, January 12, 2008


Writing news!!!
I actually have writing news to share! My father-in-law knows someone who owns his own production company. They produce basically documentary-type shows now. It has always been the owners dream to produce a fictionalized movie. He had an idea in mind, he just wanted someone to write it. Well, my FIL told him about me and the guy asked to see some of my work. I sent him a couple of chapters of a novel and he liked it. He's asked me to write a couple of scenes of his screenplay and he'll see what he thinks of it. There's been no mention of payment - yet.

But I am enjoying it. The fact that I'm working on someone else's framework is fun. He had a bare-bones story (about 20 mins of screen time) and wants me to flesh out an interesting story that hopefully could be 1 1/2- 2 hours of screen time. It's a tall order, but so far I'm managing to add in some interesting stuff. He focused mainly on the main character and I'm fleshing out some minor characters at the same time showing the main characters 'character' also. I'm very pleased at my ideas so far. I'll keep things posted here - now that I have actual writing things I'm doing! It's good to be back with 'pen in hand.' :)

On the adoption news, there's been so much I haven't posted. Basically, the girl mentioned in the last post rejected us. Since then we found a brother/sister pair that seemed just perfect for our family. But our paperwork (grr, dreaded state government red tape!) didn't go through in time and the kids are going home with someone on MLK Day! We just heard one day last week and we were devestated. Now we have no other children in mind and are in a waiting period agian. It seems at every turn God is teaching me patience. I am not a patient person and some days it feels that I've learned nothing from this experience. But I press on. We were just about to give up on the adoption thing entirely. I spoke to Xander about it. At over six years old I figure he can at least influence our decision a little now. He wants us to find a boy about his age for him to play with. It is a nice idea - if we could find the right one. I grew up in a family with 1 oldest boy and 3 younger sisters. Most of my childhood memories our brother had left home, so I'm used to girls around the house. Boys are a bit rambunctous for me. I'm not opposed to having another boy, but I'd like another girl to tone down things a bit.

We don't know what God has in plans for our family, but one thing is for sure, He does have plans and we will hang in there until the end. ;)

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